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מערכת סולארית מסחרית

Golan Solar is a global green energy company that operates throughout the value chain
to promote projects that yield environmental and economic value.

Golan Solar is a private entrepreneurial and global company in the renewable energy field. Founded in 2011, the company has since developed rapidly. This is thanks to multidisciplinary capabilities integrating flexibility and speed, while implementing projects independently. Golan Solar offers technological innovation and quality human capital, and employs about 40 people.

The company is based on solid foundations of strong organizational infrastructure,
and operates three key arms:


  1. Initiation- thanks to cooperation with the leading companies in the field of panels, converters and solar components and as part of the advanced service concept and commitment to system quality and installation, the company offers its customers a comprehensive turn key solution that provides maximum system output along with security and peace of mind throughout the entire process.
  2. EPC – Golan Solar's EPC arm for carrying out projects globally consists of electrical engineers, construction engineers, experienced licensing teams and the best and most experienced installation teams in the field, all of which are committed to international quality, service and reliability standards.
  3. M&O – here at Golan Solar, we understand that service should be treated as a financial product and accordingly, we frequently check the system performance quality on an immediate and personal basis. To this end, we have set up a 24/7 customer service system, an operation and maintenance system, periodic inspections, a system of technicians nationwide, regular maintenance of the panels, testing services, monitoring and control room and production of technical data – all available to our customers and which enable the creation of income in accordance with the design of the facility, providing our customers with the possibility to be part of the global environment revolution.



These arms are based on the company’s high capabilities when it comes to initiating, licensing, planning, financing, construction, operation and long-term maintenance. A combination of capabilities that makes it possible to promote the project, along the entire value chain while meeting the highest standards.  

The company's areas of activity include floating solar projects on water reservoirs, solar roofs and ground solar projects. In addition, the company is at the forefront of knowledge in the fields of storage, micro-grid, solar technology on greenhouses and crops (agri-voltaic), and solar parking. As part of its overall activity, Golan Solar has developed an impressive portfolio of projects in Israel, amounting to hundreds of megawatts.

The company's vision

Golan Solar's vision is to bring about the production of significant volumes of energy from renewable sources with a focus on financing, implementation of technologies, construction, and long-term maintenance of renewable energy facilities while maintaining values of excellence, quality and preservation of environmental values.

The joint global effort to prevent global warming, of which the field of renewable energy is one of the basic components, makes the production of electricity from renewable energies a necessary resource and constitutes a major existential challenge today. According to this trend, the field is an engine for global growth. The company sees this as an opportunity and positions itself as a market leader in Israel and around the world, offering experience, creativity and exceptional service. 

At Golan Solar, we believe in collaborations that yield maximum value to all parties, wherever we operate. Thanks to the economic, technical and legal knowledge, Golan Solar bring the best result for all parties to each project, from the initiation stage through connecting the system to the electricity grid to continuous monitoring throughout the project.

Solar energy


The Golan Solar Group, one of the pioneers of the solar industry in Israel, has established and connected thousands of solar facilities in a widespread deployment and in a variety of applications, and continues to be a market leader in its field in Israel. 

In the global market, the company is vigorously developing many ventures in Africa, Asia, and Europe on a large scale and sees this activity as a significant growth engine for its business.

Core areas

קונדטורית שמו

Financial, engineering and technological design – expertise in designing systems in an optimal and innovative manner while maximizing economic potential, while maintaining strict safety standards.

Project financing – financial capabilities that enable the provision of equity, obtaining attractive financing conditions, extensive experience, financial strength, close relationships with the financing bodies and of course, the great trust that the company enjoys in the market. 

Construction of projects – extensive experience with constructing diverse solar systems of the highest quality, while minimizing equipment and construction costs, and meeting challenging schedules.

O&M and Maintenance – vast experience in operating and maintaining projects by ongoing control and performing a variety of actions to maximize system productivity, through an independent monitoring and control center that operates with unique technology developed by the company and through analysts for information analysis.


מועצה אזורית זבולון

Golan Solar, one of the pioneers of solar energy in Israel, is committed to preserving the values ​​of the landscape and the environment by integrating environmental, scenic, social and economic considerations into decision-making processes and in all areas of activity, to ensure environment sustainability in the present and future.

Planning and operation of the facilities while ensuring the reduction of environmental impacts.

Adoption of the best proven and economical technologies.

Wise use of natural resources.

We at Golan Solar believe that the development of renewable energy systems meets both the needs of mankind and the needs of the environment in which it lives, while conserving resources, for the benefit of future generations.


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